Courses 2014-2015

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Please see our Degree Essentials for a basic list of the course requirements necessary to major or minor in Classical Studies, or to minor in Ancient Greek and/or in Latin.

Classical Culture (CLAS-101)
This is an introductory course in the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, focusing on particular topics relating to classical culture, and emphasizing the analysis of textual and material evidence.
Ancient Greece (CLAS-201)
An overview of Ancient Greek civilization from the Bronze Age to the period following the death of Alexander the Great. Greek culture was a Mediterranean phenomenon that spread in antiquity from the Aegean through Egypt and central Asia to India and became the core of education for European and American students during the 18th and 19th centuries. The course focuses on the major social and political institutions (such as the creation of the first democracy) as well as the intellectual and artistic achievements of the Greeks.
Ancient Rome (CLAS-202)
A survey of Roman civilization from both an historical and cultural perspective. Chronologically, the course traces the development of the "eternal city" from a tiny village of mud and straw along the banks of the Tiber River in central Italy to the city of marble and bronze dominating the Mediterranean world and beyond. Culturally, we consider Rome's legacy to the western world in terms of its social and political institutions, as well as its intellectual and artistic achievements.
Classical Mythology (CLAS-221)
This course is a study of the mythology of classical antiquity, with an emphasis on its representations in literature and art, and its relationship to the practice and rituals of Greek and Roman religion.
Topics in Classical Antiquity (CLAS-301)
Seminar course on a particular era or topic in Greco-Roman antiquity. Topics rotate by semester, but have included: 'Women in Antiquity,' 'Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity,' 'Ancient Democracies,' and 'Greek and Roman Drama.' This course may be taken more than once.
Directed Study (CLAS-361)
Directed Study (CLAS-362)
Independent Study (CLAS-363)
Independent Study (CLAS-364)
Senior Classics Symposium (CLAS-440)
This is a required course for senior majors in Classics, ancient Greek or Latin. It is a seminar providing an overview of Greek and Roman culture in preparation for the Senior Comprehensive examinations.
Senior Research (CLAS-451)
Senior Research (CLAS-452)