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Heather Page '85: Texas Film Commission Director


Cinema major Heather Page '85 works to bring filming crews to Texas as the Texas film commission director.

Cinema major Heather Page '85 has been behind the camera plenty of times. As a motion picture camera-person for 25 years her credits include “The Green Mile,’’ ‘‘Armageddon” and the TV show “Friday Night Lights.”

Today she is working in the industry from a different angle. As the Texas film commission director, Page collaborates film production offices of all sizes - from home-grown to major motion picture - matching them with Texan resources.

In an Amarillo Globe News profile, Page notes: ““The job involves a lot of strategic planning and responsiveness. I direct my office to focus on customer service, sharing and gathering of resources and communication. We are a clearing house for private and state resources for everyone from the studio executive and filmmaker to a local crew member seeking a job or a homeowner or rancher who wants to make their location available for filming.”

Posted Date 
Monday, July 11, 2016