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Stockroom Services

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Stockroom consists of a complex of five rooms in the northwest corner of the ground floor of Ebaugh Laboratories. In addition to storage, the stockroom also functions to prepare solutions and reagents for the chemistry laboratories. If you are in need of a chemical, there is a online search engine available to Denison campus only which will help you determine if the stockroom has what you need. For the chemical inventory search engine, desk lists, and links to safety materials, please visit the Chemistry & Biochemistry Channel on MyDenison.


⇒ For more information on Stockroom Services, please visit Chemistry & Biochemistry on MyDenison.

Instruments & Resources

A number of instruments are available for laboratory instruction and research. Use of instrumentation is integral to the student experience at all levels. Information is given here about the specific instrumentation our students and faculty have experience with and is not meant an endorsement of a particular vendor. Most of the instruments are interfaced to computers which have network access.