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2013 Senior Fellows

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is proud to participate in the tradition at Denison of selecting Departmental Fellows to recognize outstanding achievement in a student’s chosen area of study.

This honor is earned by excellent academic performance, service to the department and the positive attitude and contributions these students bring to the classroom, research lab, and the general climate of the department. We view Fellows as students who are pursuing Chemistry and Biochemistry for the disciplines’ own virtues and who are excellent role models for other students.

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2013 Senior Fellows

Current Fellows:

I am a junior chemistry and physics double major. My hobbies include running and reading the labels on shampoo and processed foods to see which chemicals I recognize.

Andrea Karl '14

I am a biochemistry major and economics minor from Powell, Ohio. For years I have found it fascinating that the existence of a single organism relies on the perfect synchronization of billions of molecular interactions.

Maly Cosco '15 image

I am a junior chemistry major from Cincinnati, Ohio. I became hooked on chemistry in the very first course and the excitement I feel towards behaviors on the atomic and molecular levels has only grown stronger!

Janie Frandsen image

I am a biochemistry major, from Albion, Michigan. For as long as I can remember I have loved figuring out how things work.

Haley Grimm '14 image

As many senior chemistry majors would agree, Ebaugh has become a second home over the past four years.