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Honor's Day 2012

Honor's Day

The Department of Physics and Astronomy Honors Day celebration will include the Sigma Pi Sigma initiation ceremony, the seminar by alumnus Mike Gasda, the honors banquet (RSVP to Beth Jeffries), and awards.

Honor’s Day Alumni Speaker:

Mike Gasda (’00): “Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy: The Promise (and Challenges) of Fuel Cells”

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees:

Samuel Esarey, Eric Meier, Jack Ogilvie, Yubo Yang, Jinxuan Zhao, Dr. Ryan Johnson

Excellence in Introductory Physics Award:

Jordan Cahn, Thomas Graf, Cullen Marshall, Lin Mu, Vera Staley

125/126 Awards:

Sam Brigham, Raghav Daswani, Rohin Daswani, Liz Donoghue,

Kristina Dungan, Ian Lowe, Brad Matola, Annie Oyler, Peiyun Zeng

Special Senior Awards:

Denison Society of Physics Students Leadership Award: Adam Lebovitz

Roderick Grant Physics Education Award:

Rachael Alton

Ronald R. Winters Graduate School Award:

Yige Li

Samuel C. Wheeler Award for Excellence in Physics:

Daniel Matyas

Posted Date 
Saturday, April 28, 2012