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Prof. Anita Waters comments on conspiracy theories

Prof. Anita Waters

Theories of cover-ups and police violence In black deaths are understandable, according to Prof. Anita Waters.

With headlines blaring almost daily of new atrocities between police and the black population, should we consider that a conspiracy of some sort might be behind these actions?

If we understand Black history, with incidents such as the Tuskegee syphilis study that took place over 50 years, conspiracies can be difficult to rule out, according to Professor Anita Waters.

An One America News Network article notes:
“'Conspiracy theories become more believable once you have heard the story of Tuskegee,'” said Anita Waters, a black studies and sociology professor at Denison University in Ohio, who has written on African-Americans and conspiracy theories.

“In the case of the Atlanta hanging, members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference asked state investigators late last month for more details about the death. Even if it is ultimately concluded that there was no foul play, the impact of such rumors may remain.

'I don’t think (rumors) have a lasting effect as … explanations of what happened,'” Waters said. “'But they may have a lasting effect in the mistrust that they foster in people.'”

Posted Date 
Friday, August 5, 2016