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Aminata Kaba ’13: Massachusetts Promise Fellow

Aminata Kaba ’13

Aminata Kaba ’13, is a Massachusetts Promise Fellow, currently serving as a career support specialist.

Aminata Kaba '13, an Anthropology & Sociology major, is serving for two years as a Massachusetts Promise Fellow. Kaba is a career support specialist at a charter school. She answers some questions about her experience on the Promise Fellows website:

1. Who is your biggest inspiration right now?

A lot of my inspiration today is generated out of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Despite differences in opinions regarding the mobilization of the movement, I am just blown away by the organization, dedication, resilience and relentless persistence of the global campaign. My admiration of and inspiration by these united social justice advocates/freedom fighters/concerned global citizens is heightened considering my work in youth development.

2. When did you know that you wanted to work with young people?

I think my interest in youth advocacy began in my adolescence. I have always been very observant and my collective observations of young people in my community may have really triggered my initial interest. As a teen, I remember hearing, reading and internalizing a lot of the shame, opposition, fear and pity hurled at my generation. After identifying trends and patterns among my peers, I thought I wanted to be a social worker. I guess it wasn’t until I began volunteering with my high school’s National Honor Society that I began to understand the intentional work that is youth work.

3. Why did you decide to serve a second year with the Fellowship?

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship was something I couldn’t imagine letting go after just a year of professional growth, self discovery, networking and community.

4. How has serving with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship helped to inform your future career aspirations?

It has affirmed that my interest in working with young people. I am still trying to determine in which capacity I will continue with youth advocacy and development but the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship has really helped me in professionalizing the field.

Posted Date 
Monday, March 2, 2015