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Bonnie Wright-Trees Wright-Trees, Bonnie Wright-Trees

Staff  |  Facilities Services
Telephone Services Coordinator
Facilities Services
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Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center works with students as they learn and use conventions of Standard English, including grammar, mechanics and citation styles. We also help students to make sense of an assignment, develop ideas, learn an effective writing process, organize and improve writing and identify the weakest elements so that students can focus during revision.

Writing Program

Writing Program


Writing plays a central role in Denison’s liberal arts education. It is not a separate field of study but an integral part of all fields of study. The Denison Writing Program develops writers who view writing as critical thinking and a lifelong endeavor.

Stanley Wrzyszczynski Wrzyszczynski, Stanley Wrzyszczynski

Staff  |  Studio Art
Sculpture/Ceramics Technician
Bryant Arts Center
B.F.A., Ohio University; M.F.A., Vermont College

Stanley Wrzyszczynski received a BFA in Sculpture from the Ohio State University and an MFA from Vermont College. Stanley creates life-size figurative sculpture and shows extensively.

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Dan Scott Wurst Wurst, Scott Wurst

Dan Scott Wurst
Staff  |  Information Technology Services
Network Engineer II
Fellows Hall
B.S., DeVry University
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