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BethAnn Zambella Zambella, BethAnn Zambella

BethAnn Zambella
Staff  |  Library
Director of Libraries
William Howard Doane Library
B.A., Brown University; M.S., Columbia University; M.Ed., Rutgers University

As Director of Libraries at Denison University, I provide strategic vision for the library and collaborate with faculty and administrators to transform scholarship and teaching. Previously, I was Director of the High Library at Elizabethtown College, near Hershey, PA. I have been a librarian at Wellesley College, Harvard College, Rutgers University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Barnard College. Having also worked in publishing, I have extensive editorial experience. My curiosity compels me to look at challenges that cut across traditional organizational boundaries. I am always broadening my interests and vision, and am currently intrigued by the way we construct mental models as we learn and by the use of metaphor. I believe everyone should snorkel more, dust less, and eat as many chocolate chip cookies as they want to.

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Andy Zidron Zidron, Andrew  Zidron

Zidron, Andrew  Zidron
Staff  |  Big Red Athletics
Casual Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Mitchell Recreation and Athletics Center
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Floyd Zink Zink, Floyd  Zink

Staff  |  Security, Safety & Risk Management
Security Officer I
Burton D. Morgan Center
Parking Garage
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