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Mark Wade dr. Wade, Mark Wade

Mark Wade
Assistant Professor, Brass, Winds & Percussion Coordinator
Trumpet & Dulcimer, Wind Ensemble, Music Theory
Faculty  |  Music
Burton Hall
B.M., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.M., D.M.A., The Ohio State University

Mark Alan Wade is an avid performer on trumpet and hammered dulcimer. He has performed as a soloist on three continents and maintains a steady performance schedule locally. He has toured Austria, Slovakia and Hungary on trumpet with the Classical Music Festival Orchestra and Brass Quintet of Eisenstaedt, Austria for two seasons. Highlights of these performances include performing in the very Esterházy Palace wherein the celebrated trumpet concertos of Haydn and Hummel were premiered over two hundred years earlier. On different occasions in the United States, he has performed for audiences of notables including: Presidents George Bush Sr. and President Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen.

In addition, Wade has performed with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra, Benedict College Community Orchestra (Principal trumpet: Columbia, SC) the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (Ohio), and is a member of the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra. In the genre of pops music, he has also performed with the Beach Boys and The Buckinghams. He performs as Principal Trumpet of the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra and Second Trumpet and soloist with the Saint Joseph Cathedral Orchestra (both broadcast on WOSU).

In addition to his career as a trumpet player and band conductor, Wade is also a highly sought-after hammered dulcimer performer, composer and teacher. A National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, he can be heard on more than a dozen recordings and is a columnist for the Dulcimer Players News Journal. He has personally released seven CDs and six popular method books. His recent students include the 2004, 2007 and 2012 National Hammered Dulcimer Champions.

His most recent solo hammered dulcimer CD, Grass Roots, has received rave reviews since its release in 2013. This CD won him an invitation to perform at the world’s largest and most prestigious Bluegrass festival, The Walnut Valley Festival, in Winfield, Kansas, where he performed as a headliner with Denison faculty members, Dr. Andy Carlson and Casey Cook, along with Grammy Award winning artists. On the merit of this recording Dr. Wade was invited to perform in Taiwan at the World Cimbalom Congress and National Taichung University. In Taiwan he lectured on American music and presented his CD in concert.

  • Introduction to Music
  • Music Theory I
  • Music Theory I Lab: Aural Skills and Sight-singing
  • Music Theory II Lab: Aural Skills and Sight-singing
  • Applied Trumpet
  • Applied Dulcimer
  • Trumpet Ensemble
  • Class Brass: Brass Methods
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Independent Study in Wind Band Literature
  • Summer Scholars: 2011, 2012, 2013
    • Research Areas:
      • The Role of the Horn in American Wind Ensemble Repertoire”
      • Exploring the Classics: Piano Literature for the Wind Ensemble”
      • Sean-nós and the Woodwind Quintet: a Journey through Irish Traditional Music

Mel Bay Publications, Inc

Dirt Simple: Hammered Dulcimer, Mel Bay Publications, Inc., 2013.

  • ISBN: 978-078-668-550-9

Killer Technique: Hammered Dulcimer, Mel Bay Publications, Inc., 2013.

  • ISBN: 9780786685134.

Easy Does It: Popular Jam Tunes You CAN Play, Mel Bay Publications, Inc., 2011 & 2012.

  • ISBN: 1610659678.

Harmony Time: Embellishments for Hammered Dulcimer, Mel Bay Publications, Inc., 2012.

  • ISBN: 9780786684427.
  • A Music Theory approach for hammered dulcimer geared to instruct readers on the American style of ornamenting and accompanying traditional folk melodies.
  • Peer Reviewed in Bluegrass Unlimited, Vol 47, No. 9.

15 Minutes a Day: A Daily Practice Routine for Hammered Dulcimer, Blarney Stone Music. 2008.

  • Self-published and distributed at conferences, music festivals and master classes.

Tunes and Techniques for Hammered Dulcimer, Blarney Stone Music. 2007.

  • Self-published and distributed at conferences, music festivals and master classes.
  • 120 page method book commonly used in the United States.

Other Publications:

  • This is the culmination of years of research on the medical problems of trumpet players. Though the genesis of this work is my dissertation, the research continues in scholarship at Denison University. I chose the website medium to present this research because of the fast pace in which medical research becomes obsolete. My goal throughout this process was to make this narrow field of obscure research more readily available to musicians and physicians (who may rarely treat trumpet players with enough frequency to be well-versed in research specific to trumpeters; e.g., ruptured orbicularis oris). The website format has strategic programming to maximize its results in search engines and also allows for instant updates as new research is published.
  • The website is live and has already received over 39,553 hits (last accessed on Nov. 28, 2011).
  • Dulcimer Players New Journal Compilation CD: “Columbus Stockade Blues”, from Grass Roots, by Mark Alan Wade. Included by invitation. Fall, 2012.
    • Featuring the Denison University Music Faculty: Mark A. Wade: Hammered Dulcimer, Andy Carlson: Fiddle and Mandolin, Casey Cook: Guitar.
  • Mark Alan Wade, “Grass Roots,” Blarney Stone Records. Summer, 2012.
    • Featuring the Denison University Bluegrass Faculty: Mark A. Wade: Hammered Dulcimer, Andy Carlson: Fiddle and Mandolin, Casey Cook: Guitar, Mark Schatz, Bass.
    • Work peer-reviewed by invited performances, including: Walnut Valley Association Festival in Winfield, Kansas- the largest Bluegrass Festival in the United States, September, 2011 and 2012. Cimbalom World Congress, in Taipei, Taiwan, October 2013.
  • Dulcimer Players New Journal Compilation CD: Liberty Waltz, from “Hoedown,” by Mark Alan Wade. Included by invitation. Spring, 2012.
  • Randy Clepper and John Sherman, “Finely Tuned,” Large Furry Things Productions: Fall, 2013.
  • Dulcimer Players New Journal Compilation CD: Left Wing, from “WAY Over the Waterfall,” by Mark Alan Wade. Included by invitation. Spring, 2010.
  • Mark Alan Wade, “Serenade,” Blarney Stone Records. 2006
  • The Ohio State University Wind Symphony. Winds of Nagual. Franklin, Tennessee: Naxos, 2006.
  • Randy Clepper, Mark Wade, et al. Hammer On!. Signal Mountain, TN: Signal Mountain Records, 2005.!/id80871763
  • Miller, Lesley. Cookies ‘n’ Crème. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 2005.
  • Mark Alan Wade. Serenade. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 2005.
  • Mahler, David. (2004 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion) Under the Hammer. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 2002.
  • Mark Alan Wade, Silver Bells. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 2001.
  • Mark Alan Wade, WAY Over the Waterfall. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 2000.
  • Craig Markley, The Lone Raven. Delaware, Ohio: Lone Raven Enterprises, 1999.
  • Deana Knisley, Crossroads. Marysville, Ohio: Apollo Studios, 1998.
  • Mark Alan Wade, Just As I Am. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 1998.
  • Mark Alan Wade, Foggy Mountain Favorites. Hilliard, Ohio: Blarney Stone Music, 1996.
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Jonathan Walley Walley, Jonathan Walley

Jonathan Walley
Associate Professor
Faculty  |  Cinema
Cinema House
B.A., Bard College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Professor Walley’s primary research interest is avant-garde or experimental cinema, a radically alternative filmmaking tradition related more to avant-garde and modernist art than to mainstream cinema. He has focused especially on “expanded cinema,” cinematic works that alter or abandon the familiar materials, forms, and spaces of traditional film production and exhibition. These include film and video installation, live performances using film projection, and moving image works that cross boundaries between cinema and other art forms like painting, sculpture, and conceptual art.

Expanded cinema emerged in the 1960s, in the midst of major changes in moving image technology and new ideas about the nature of art. It has re-emerged as an important form in the last two decades; a major part of Walley’s research involves cultivating working relationships with artists who make avant-garde and expanded cinema. His writing on these subjects has appeared in numerous scholarly journals, including October, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, The Moving Image Review and Art Journal, Millennium Film Journal, and The Velvet Light Trap. He is writing a book about expanded cinema and what it tells us about the nature of cinema and its relationship to the other arts.

Walley’s other research interests include the history of film theory, the effects of technological changes on film production and cinematic visual style, documentary cinema, and the horror film (a seminar on which he regularly teaches).

Research Overview: 
Avant-garde/experimental film; expanded cinema; cinema and the other arts; history of film theory; the horror film; the documentary film
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Wes Walter dr. Walter, Wesley Walter

Wes Walter
Faculty  |  Physics, Environmental Studies, Astronomy
F.W. Olin Science Hall
B.S., University of Dallas; M.A., Ph.D., Rice University

I have been at Denison since 1996, following teaching experience at Saint Mary’s College of California and a research postdoc at SRI International. I enjoy teaching a broad range of courses including introductory physics, introductory astronomy, modern physics, electromagnetic theory, electronics and advanced lab. In addition, I have developed and taught several courses specifically for non-science majors, including “”Renewable Energy and Sustainability” (FYS 102), “Energy and the Environment” (Physics 100) and “Coming of Age in the Milky Way: Aristotle to Galileo to Einstein” (Honors 135 and FYS 102). I am an active member of the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Council on Undergraduate Research, and Project Kaleidoscope – F21.

Research Keywords: 
Atomic/Molecular/Optical (AMO) Physics
Research Overview: 
Experimental research on negative ion spectroscopy, atomic and molecular structure, and dynamics. Studies how electrons interact at the quantum level using lasers on-campus and high-energy synchrotron light at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Research Details: 

My research interests include laser spectroscopy, negative ions, and atomic and molecular collisions. The overall goal of our research program is to understand better the fundamental physics of electron binding particularly regarding the role of electron correlations, that is, how electrons "talk" to each other within an atom. Together with Prof. Dan Gibson (also of Denison's Physics Department) and many student collaborators, we have developed an on-campus ion beam mass spectrometer to investigate properties of negative ions using lasers. We do complementary experiments using the synchrotron Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. Our projects have included: investigations of the effects of static electric fields on laser photodetachment from negative ions (which leads to the formation of single electron interferometers); precision measurements of atomic electron affinities using tunable photodetachment spectroscopy; and investigations of inner-shell photodetachment at the ALS. This research is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Research Corporation, and Denison University. Interested students are always welcome to join our research group!


Selected publications

  • A. O. Lindahl, J. Rohlén, H. Hultgren, I. Yu. Kiyan, D. J. Pegg, C. W. Walter, and D. Hanstorp, “Threshold Photodetachment in a Repulsive Potential”, Physical Review Letters 108, 033004 (2012).
  • C.W. Walter, N.D. Gibson, Y.-G. Li*, D. J. Matyas*, R.M. Alton*, S.E. Lou*, R.L. Field III*, D. Hanstorp, L. Pan, and D.R. Beck, “Experimental and Theoretical Study of Bound and Quasi-bound States of Ce”, Physical Review A 84, 032514 (2011).
  • C.W. Walter, N.D. Gibson, D. J. Carman*, Y.-G. Li*, and D. J. Matyas*, “Electron Affinity of Indium and the Fine Structure of In Measured using Infrared Photodetachment Threshold Spectroscopy”, Physical Review A 82, 032507 (2010).
  • C.W. Walter, N.D. Gibson, R.L. Field III*, A.P. Snedden*, J.Z. Shapiro*, C. M. Janczak*, D. Hanstorp, “Electron Affinity of Arsenic and the Fine Structure of As Measured using Infrared Photodetachment Threshold Spectroscopy”, Physical Review A 80, 014501 (2009).

* Denison student

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Anita Waters Waters, Anita Waters

Waters, Anita Waters
Faculty  |  Black Studies, Sociology / Anthropology
Blair Knapp Hall
B.A., Mary Washington College; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University
Research Details: 

My research interests concern the role that socially shared ideas and beliefs play in shaping people’s behavior, especially their political action. In my dissertation research, I explored the question of why politicians in Jamaica chose to use Rastafarian symbols and reggae music in electoral campaigns (Race, Class and Political Symbols, Transaction Press 1985). My second book project was an examination of the way post-colonial Jamaica has revised its historical narratives and a study of heritage tourism development and unofficial community history in Port Royal, Jamaica (Planning the Past, Lexington Books 2006). I have published research articles about conspiracy theories in African-American political culture (in The Journal of Black Studies) the uses that Jamaican politicians make of historical narratives (in Caribbean Quarterly), the way Columbus residents express hostile attitudes toward Somali immigrants (in Bildhaan: A Journal of Somali Studies), and the presentation of revolutionary history in Cuban museums and commemorative events (in the Canadian Journal of Caribbean and Latin American Studies). Recently I have turned my attention to the way Cuba is portrayed in political discourse in the United States.

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James Weaver dr. Weaver, James Weaver

James Weaver
Assistant Professor
Faculty  |  English, Environmental Studies
Barney-Davis Hall
B.A., Allegheny College; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., Ohio State University

James Weaver received his BA (1998) in English from Allegheny College and earned his MA (2000) and PhD (2006) from Ohio State University, specializing in nineteenth-century American literature. He joined the Denison faculty as a visiting assistant professor in 2006 before becoming an assistant professor in 2011. Weaver's research focuses especially on the intersections of literature and the environment. He is currently working on several articles about American travel literature and nationalism in the 1850s-1880s, and will soon begin work on a project exploring social media and contemporary narratives of long-distance hiking. In addition to teaching courses in first-year writing and surveys and seminars in American literature, he often teaches literature courses cross-listed with Denison's environmental studies program.

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Christine Weingart dr. Weingart, Christine Weingart

Christine Weingart
Associate Professor, Microbiologist
Faculty  |  Biology
Samson Talbot Hall of Biological Science
315/ lab 404
B.S., Mount Union College; Ph.D., Miami University
Academic Positions: 
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biology at Denison University, 2002 - present
  • Lecturer, Department of Microbiology at Miami University, 1997
Research Keywords: 
Research Details: 

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

  • Post Doctorate Research Associate, Laboratory of Stephen C. Winans, 1999-2002

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Post Doctorate Research Associate, Laboratory of Alison A. Weiss, 1997-1999
  • Weingart, C.L. C. E. White, S. Liu,Y. Chai, H. Cho, C. Tsai, Y. Wei, N. R. Delay*, A. Eberhard, and S. C. Winans. 2005. Direct binding of the purified quorum sensing regulator CepR of Burkholderia cenocepacia to two target promoters in vitro. Mol. Micro.. v. 57 p. 452-467
  • Pappas, K. M., and C. L. Weingart., and S. C. Winans. 2004. Biochemical communication in proteobacteria: Biochemical and structural studies of signal synthases and receptors required for intercellular signaling. Mol. Microbiol.. v. 53 p. 755-769
  • Weingart, C. L., P. S. Mobberley-Schuman, E. L. Hewlett, M. C. Gray, and A. A. Weiss. 2000. Neutralizing antibodies to adenylate cyclase toxin promote phagocytosis of Bordetella pertussis by human neutrophils. Infect. Immun.. v. 68 p. 7152-7155
  • Weingart, C. L., W. A. Keitel, K. M. Edwards, and A. A. Weiss. 2000. Characterization of bactericidal immune responses following vaccination with acellular pertussis vaccines in adults. Infect. Immun. v. 68 p. 7175-7179
  • Weingart, C. L. and A. A. Weiss. 2000. Bordetella pertussis virulence factors affect phagocytosis by human neutrophils. Infect. Immun. v. 68 p. 1735-1739
  • Lenz, D. H.*, C. L. Weingart and A. A. Weiss. 2000. Phagocytosed Bordetella pertussis fail to survive in human neutrophils. Infect. Immun. v. 68 p. 956-959
  • Weingart, C. L., G. Broitman-Maduro, G. Dean, S. Newman, M. Peppler, and A. A. Weiss. 1999. Fluorescent labels influence the phagocytosis of Bordetella pertussis by human neutrophils. Infect.Immun. v. 67 p. 4264-4267
  • Weingart, C. L., and A. Morris Hooke. 1999. A nonhemolytic phospholipase C from Burkholderia cepacia. Curr. Microbiol. v. 38 p. 233-238
  • Weingart, C. L., and A. Morris Hooke. 1999. Regulation of expression of the nonhemolytic, phospholipase C from Burkholderia cepacia. Curr. Microbiol. v. 39 p. 336-341
  • Aukerman, B., Esselburn, K., Freundlich, J. and C. Mustillo. 2010. Bacteria that help and hurt cows. Microbial Discovery Activity. (Students in my Diversity of Microrganisms course developed an activity for elementary students.).
  • Bhatt, S. and C.L. Weingart . 2008. Identification of sodium chloride-regulated genes in Burkholderia cenocepacia. Cur. Microbiol. v. 56 p. 418-422
  • S. Bhatt* and C. L. Weingart. 2005. Characterization of four hyperosmotically induced genes in Burkholderia cepacia. 104th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
  • M. Perkins* and C.L. Weingart. 2005. Mutation of a potential gacSA two component system in Burkholderia cenocepacia. Ohio Branch ASM Meeting.
  • S. Bhatt* and C. L. Weingart. 2004. Isolation of hyperosmotically regulated genes in Burkholderia cepacia. 04th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
  • Weingart, C. L.. 2004. Identification of a putative gacSA two-component system in Burkholderia cepacia . 104th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
  • Weingart, C.L.. 2003. Incorporating Quorum Sensing into the Undergraduate Microbiology Laboratory. 10th ASM Undergraduate Microbiology Education Conference.
  • Weingart, C. L. and S. C. Winans. 2001. Characterization of a quorum sensing system in Burkholderia cepacia. ASM Cell-Cell Communication Meeting.
  • Weingart, C. L. and S. C. Winans. 2001. Characterization of a quorum sensing system in Burkholderia cepacia. Infection and Pathobiology Forum, Cornell University.
  • Weingart, C. L., D. H. Lenz*, and A. A. Weiss. 1999. Phagocytosis of Bordetella pertussis by human neutrophils. Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Meeting.
  • Lenz, D. H.*, C. L. Weingart, A. A. Weiss. 1999. Lack of survival of Bordetella pertussis following phagocytosis by human neutrophils. Physician Scientist Training Program Research Forum.
  • Weingart, C. L., G. E. Dean, S. L. Newman, and A. A. Weiss. 1999. Comparison of phagocytosis of FITC and GFP labeled Bordetella pertussis. 99th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
  • Weingart, C. L., S. Newman and A. A. Weiss. 1998. Effect of labeling treatments on phagocytosis of Bordetella pertussis. Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Meeting.
  • Weingart, C. L., and A. A. Weiss. 1998. Effect of immune serum antibodies on phagocytosis of Bordetella pertussis. 98th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
  • Weingart, C. L., and A. Morris Hooke. 1998. Regulation of expression of Burkholderia cepacia phospholipase. Microbial Pathogenesis Current and Emerging IssuesConference.
  • Weingart, C. L., and A. Morris Hooke. 1998. Regulation of expression of Burkholderia cepacia phospholipase. 98th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol..
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  • Merry, C., Perkins, M., Mu, L., Eichner, S., Crabb, A., Peterson, B., Weber, R., and C. L. Weingart. . 2010. A two-component system in Burkholderia cenocepacia influences protease, swimming, quorum sensing, and pathogenesis.. 109th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol. .
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  • Foy, C. and C. L. Weingart.. 2010. Examining the relationship between a two-component system and quorum sensing in Burkholderia cenocepacia.. Ohio Branch-ASM Meeting..
  • Eichner, S. and C.L. Weingart.. 2010. Distribution of the gacA gene in the Burkholderia cepacia complex. .Ohio Branch-ASM Meeting. .
  • Foy, C.R. and C. L. Weingar. 2009. Role of TolB in Selenite Reduction in Burkholderia cenocepacia.. Ohio Branch-ASM Meeting..
  • Merry, C. and C.L. Weingart.. 2009. Characterization of GacS/GacA Two-Component System in Burkholderia cenocepacia.. Ohio Branch-ASM Meeting.
  • Jaffri, S. and C.L. Weingart.. 2008. Characterization of tolB in Burkholderia cenocepacia. . Indiana-Ohio Joint Branch ASM Meeting..
  • Jaffri, S.* and C.L. Weingart. 2007. Characterization of tolB in Burkholderia cenocepacia. . Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.
  • Jaffri, S.* and C.L. Weingart.. 2007. Complementation in Burkholderia cenocepacia of mutated tolB gene with wild type tolB gene. . Ohio Branch ASM Meeting..
  • Crabb, A. and C.L. Weingart. . 2007. An examination of a putative GacA/GacS two component system as a regulator of virulence factors produced by Burkholderia cenocepacia. . Ohio Branch ASM Meeting. (Note: Andrea won an award for best research presentation. She competed with undergraduate and graduate students.) .
Student Collaborations: 

Senior Thesis Students

  • Cora Walsh '06*, HIV prevention organizations: Determining successful prevention strategies. Co-Advisor with Dr. Kent Maynard, Sociology/Anthropology
  • Mike Perkins '05, Characterization of the Burkholderia cenocepacia GacSA-like regulatory system
  • Shantanu Bhatt '04*, Identification of hyperosmotically regulated genes in Burkholderia cenocepacia
  • Nicole Coggins,’13, Senior research 2012-2012
  • Herb Porter '13, Directed study 2012-2013
  • Julia Shneyderman '13, Directed study Fall 2012
  • Jamieson Weaver, Granville High School junior, Summer 2012
  • Meghan Diefenbacher,’15, Anderson Scholar-Summer 2012
  • Jessica Wilson ’11, Anderson Scholar-Summer 2011; Directed study 2011-2012
  • Kasi Eastep, Anderson Scholar-Summer 2011
  • Lin Mu, Directed study spring 2010; Directed study 2011
  • Sarah Eichner, Anderson Scholar-Summer 2009; Senior Research 2009-2010
  • Callie Merry ’09, Bowen Scholar Summer 2008; Senior Honors’ Research 2008-2009
  • Chase Foy ’10, Denison University Research Foundation research assistant, Summer 2008; Directed Study Fall 2008; Senior Honors’ Research 2009-2010
  • Sarah Jaffri ’08, Hughes Early Research Experience Scholar Summer 2006; Anderson Summer Scholar 2007, Senior Research Fall 2007-2008.
  • Bridget Peterson ’08, Anderson Summer Scholar 2007, Senior Honors’ Research, Fall 2007; Spring 2008
  • Becky Weber ’08, Senior Honors’ Research, Fall 2007-Spring 2008
  • Andrea Crabb ’07, Anderson Summer Scholar 2007, Senior Honors’ Research, Fall 2006- Spring 2007. OBASM Paul N. Hudson research award Spring 2007
  • Kate Seymour ’07, Anderson Summer Scholar 2006, Senior Honors’ Research, Fall 2006-Spring 2007.

* honors thesis

Professional Memberships: 
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Local American Society for Microbiology
  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
  • American Society for Microbiology
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Robert Weis dr. Weis, Robert Weis

Associate Professor
Faculty  |  Psychology
Blair Knapp Hall
A.B., University of Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Northern Illinois University Psychology Licensure (Ohio)

I am a licensed clinical psychologist interested in developmental psychopathology and psychological assessment. I teach Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Children with Special Needs, and Humanistic/Existential Psychology. My recent research concerns the neuropsychological assessment of learning disabilities in children and adults.

You can learn more about my research and clinical work on my personal website.

You can learn about my textbook, Introduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology (2e), and access teaching/learning resources, at

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Mike Westmoreland dr. Westmoreland, Michael Westmoreland

Mike Westmoreland
Faculty  |  Computer Science, Mathematics
F.W. Olin Science Hall
B. A., Rice University; Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin

Michael Westmoreland grew up in America, attending sixteen different schools in Texas, Illinois and Missouri before graduating from high school. He did his undergraduate work at M.I.T. and Rice University, earning a B. A. in Mathematics and Economics from the latter. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Texas - Austin under the direction of David Saltman. He joined the Denison faculty in 1990. Professor Westmoreland enjoys teaching a variety of math courses, including Calculus, Real Analysis, Measure Theory, Probability, Introduction to Proofs, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, Topology and Graph Theory. He also enjoys watching cooking, reading, and teaching the occasional adult Sunday School class at his local Methodist church.

Research Details: 

My research focuses on the foundations of quantum mechanics. As this physical theory is understood through its mathematical models (a fancy way of saying no one has an intuitive understanding of quantum mechanics), questions about foundational issues are well suited for attack by mathematical methods. Quite often the approach taken by my collaborators and me involves methods drawn from information theory. One our key results – the classical capacity of quantum channels – is a prime example of the application of such information theoretic methods. This result not only sets bounds for actual physical methods of communication it also provides a physical meaning to the mathematical construct know as “quantum entropy.”

Recently I have conducted recent research with students studying the entanglement structure of finite vector spaces; that is vector space over finite fields. Entanglement is the feature of quantum systems that provides ability for quantum systems to be teleported and for the increased power offered by quantum computing. Entanglement is also the feature of quantum mechanics that caused scientists such as Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen to doubt the ultimate validity of quantum mechanics. Einstein is famous for referring to the “spooky action at a distance” that entanglement leads too. But every prediction made by entanglement based models has so far stood the test of experiment. In finite fields, much of the abstract structure of quantum mechanics is simplified but may of the odd properties of quantum systems remain. These finite systems provide a handy “test bed” for conjectures about entanglement. My students have expanded our knowledge about entanglement in such simple systems. Students undertaking such research learn the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and finite field theory.


Selected publications:

  • With B. Schumacher, “Reverend Bayes takes the Unexpected Examination”, Math Horizons, (September, 2008).
  • With B. Schumacher, “Isolation and information flow in quantum dynamics”, Foundations of Physics, (May, 2012).
  • With B. Schumacher, “Modal Quantum Theory”, Foundations of Physics, (May, 2012).
  • With B. Schumacher, “Possibility, probability, and entanglement: Non-contextuality in modal quantum mechanics”, Foundations of Probability and Physics – 6, American Institute of Physics; Melville, New York (2012).
  • With B. Schumacher, Quantum Processes, Systems and Information, Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, U.K. (2011).
Student Collaborations: 

Selected student research projects:

  • Entanglement in rational function fields of finite characteristic, Ruijun Ma, 2013.
  • Multiparty entanglement in finite vector spaces, Yige Li, 2011 - 2012.
  • Entanglement in Finite Vector spaces, R. J. Singh, 2009 – 2010.
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Lynsey Whisner Whisner, Lynsey Whisner

Lynsey Whisner
Assistant Professor, Head Volleyball Coach
Faculty, Staff  |  Physical Education, Big Red Athletics
Mitchell Recreation and Athletics Center
B.A., Capital University; M.B.A., Otterbein College

Lynsey Whisner has been employed by Denison since 2001 and has served as the head volleyball coach since 2007. Whisner and the Big Red are coming off a successful 2012 campaign which saw them go 21-10 and finish fourth in the NCAC with a 5-3 record. Whisner was named the NCAC Coach of the Year for the first time in her career.

After spending six years as an assistant coach, Whisner took over the head volleyball coaching reins from 18-year head coach Sara Lee in 2007. She served as the assistant volleyball and assistant softball coach at Denison since the 2001-02 season. From 2001 through 2009 Whisner also served as the assistant softball coach. During that eight-year span the Denison softball team averaged 24 victories a season and captured three NCAC regular season championships, three NCAC Tournament titles and three NCAA Division III Championship Tournament berths.

Whisner earned her master’s in business administration from Otterbein in 2008 and received a bachelor's degree in business management with a concentration in human resources from Capital University in 1999. In addition to her role as head volleyball coach, Whisner also assists Associate Director of Athletics Lynn Schweizer with the day to day operations of Denison's club sports program.

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David White White, David White

David White
Assistant Professor
Faculty  |  Mathematics, Computer Science
B.A., Bowdoin College; M.A., Ph.D., Wesleyan University
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Rebecca White White, Rebecca White

Suzuki Instructor
Faculty  |  Music
Burton Hall

Rebecca White, violin, group teacher, was born into a Suzuki family and began playing her violin at the age of four. She earned her undergraduate degree in violin performance from the University of Illinois and her masters degree from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point where she studied long-term Suzuki training with Patricia D’Ercole.  In addition to her home teaching, she also teaches at workshops and institutes around the country.

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Sheilah A. Wilson Wilson, Sheilah A. Wilson

Sheilah A. Wilson
Assistant Professor
Faculty  |  Studio Art, Queer Studies
Bryant Arts Center
B.A., Mount Allison University; B.F.A., NSCAD University, Nova Scotia; M.F.A., Goldsmiths College, London

Sheilah Wilson was born in Caribou River, Nova Scotia. She earned a BA at Mount Allison University in English/French (1999), BFA in Photography at NSCAD University (2002) and MFA Studio Arts at Goldsmiths College (2004).

Wilson has exhibited her work nationally in Canada and the US, as well as England, New Zealand and Israel. Awards include CBC Aural Recall winner (2002), Nova Scotia Talent Trust recipient (2002-4), Creative Capital Foundation Scholarship (2007), Canada Council Travel Grant (2008), Denison University Research Funding (2010, 2013), Banff Center thematic residency scholarship with Adam Chodzko (2011) and Canada Council Project Grant (2012). Wilson’s recent work has been commissioned for the Museum of Fine Arts of Santa Fe, Balloon Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, OSU Urban Art Spaces, W(here) festival in Pictou County, Columbia College Chicago and Ross Creek Center for the Arts in Canning, Nova Scotia. Wilson has curated and published ‘The Golden Egg’, on humor in art, as well as forthcoming essay in Performing Motherhood by York University Press. Wilson was the winner of Judy Chicago’s Through the Flower Foundation ‘Feminists Under Forty’ competition in 2008.

Most recently she has been working on projects analyzing the traces between history, story and the land. The Invisible Inside the Visible was commissioned for the W(here) festival, curated by Mary MacDonald and A line drawn continuously and without looking was completed at NSCAD University as an artist in residence. Recent solo shows include If Becoming This at Antioch College (Fall 2012), Build Your Altar to this Moment at Enjoy Gallery, New Zealand (Spring 2013) and Despair/Despair Not (Fall 2013) Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Ontario.

Research Overview: 
Professor Wilson joined the Art Department faculty at Denison in Fall 2009. Her photographic, video, social practice and performance work is interested in narrative and how to create ruptures in our understandings of narrative.
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Kevin N. Wines Wines, Kevin N. Wines

Kevin N. Wines
Studio Instructor
Vocal Studies, World Music
Faculty  |  Music
Burton Hall
B.M.E., M.A., M.M., Ohio State University

Tenor Kevin Wines has appeared in Opera/Columbus' productions of Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Ariadne auf Naxos, Madama Butterfly and Der Rosenkavalier. He has appeared in Virginia Opera's productions of Der Fliegende Hollander (in both the roles of Erik and Steuermann), Die Fledermaus, Salome and Norma. He has also appeared in principle roles with Dayton Opera, Chautauqua (New York) Opera, Lyric Opera Cleveland and Des Moines Metro Opera. Mr. Wines is on the voice faculty of Denison University teaching private voice lessons and classes in world music. He also serves as director of music for Denison’s chapel program Ecclesia including the annual Lessons and Carols service and Baccalaureate.  An accomplished pianist, Mr. Wines serves as accompanist for numerous student events including Singers' Theatre Workshop and many solo student performances. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Mr. Wines holds masters degrees in voice performance, choral conducting and piano pedagogy.  He is director of music for Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Columbus. 

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Eric Winters Winters, Eric Winters

Eric Winters
Associate Professor
Faculty, Staff  |  Athletic Training, Physical Education, Big Red Athletics
Mitchell Recreation and Athletics Center
B.A., Otterbein College; M.S., Ohio University; Ph.D., Ohio State University
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Marc Wiskemann Wiskemann, Marc Wiskemann

Wiskemann, Marc Wiskemann
Associate Professor & Chair (Cinema)
Faculty  |  Cinema
Cinema House
B.A., B.S., University of Texas, Austin; M.F.A., Florida State University

Marc Wiskemann joined the Cinema Department in 2003 and teaches Elementary Cinema Production (CINE 219), Intermediate Cinema Production (CINE 310), Advanced Cinema Production (CINE 410), Cinema Workshop (CINE 419), Screenwriting (CINE 328) as well as Production Seminar courses in Cinematography and Advanced Production Techniques (CINE 312 & 407).

Professor Wiskemann holds an undergraduate film degree from The University of Texas and an MFA in film production from Florida State University's Graduate Film Conservatory. While at Florida State, he held key creative positions on a number of their award-winning thesis films and was the editor on one which was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

Research Details: 

An award-winning director and cinematographer, Professor Wiskemann has worked professionally in film production since 1991. In just the last four years, his films have screened at over sixty film festivals around the world, and he has been the recipient of more than a dozen awards for his work.

He is currently in production on a feature film titled Starlight, which should be completed in 2013.

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Dave O. Woodyard ’54 dr. Woodyard, David O. Woodyard ’54

Dave O. Woodyard '54
Faculty  |  Religion, Queer Studies
Blair Knapp Hall
B.A., Denison University; M.Div., Union Theological Seminary; D.Min., Vanderbilt University

David Woodyard's personal and professional interests focus on the intersection of religion and society. As a theologian he is interested in developing–and helping students to develop–a public theology. He aspires to explore the Christian tradition as it addresses the personal sphere but also as it makes claims upon the social realm. Authentic faith leads to civic responsibility as well as spiritual fulfillment. In the classroom Woodyard is interested in enabling students both to come to a clearer understanding of their identity and to challenge the ways in which they have understood the world. As an academic advisor, he is committed to creating an environment for students in which they can explore why they are in a liberal arts institution and how they may relate that to a vocation and a meaningful life. Woodyard's scholarly interests in recent decades have been in collaborative work with a colleague in economics. Their most recent book relates religion and economics to ecological issues.

Honors & Awards: 
  • Denison Alumni Chair (2009-2014)
  • Charles and Nancy Brickman Distinguished Service Chair (1998-2003)
  • Denison, Teaching Excellence Award
  • National Center for Study of Freshman Year, Outstanding Freshman Advocate
  • Crossed Keys, Teacher of the Year
  • Mortar Board, Faculty Service Award
  • Delta Gamma, Teacher of the Year
  • Delta Chi, Teacher of the Year

Books Published

  • The Church in the Time of Empire. Circle Books (U.K), 2011.
  • Liberating Nature: Theology and Economics in the New Order. With Paul King. Pilgrim Press, 1999.
  • Risking Liberation: Middle Class Powerlessness and Social Heroism. With Paul King and Kent Maynard. John Knox Press, 1988.
  • Journey Toward Freedom: Economic Structures and Theological Perspectives. With Paul King. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1982.
  • Strangers and Exiles: Living By Promises. Westminster Press, 1974.
  • Beyond Cynicism: The Practice of Hope. Westminster Press, 1972.
  • The Opaqueness of God. Westminster Press, 1970.
  • To Be Human Now. Westminster Press, 1969.
  • Living Without God-Before God. Westminster Press, 1968.
Student Collaborations: 

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, Dave Woodyard supervised thirty-three senior research projects. Topics selected by students include the following:

  • Helping or Hurting: Exploring the Role of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church”
  • A Theology of Culture: An Examination of the Relationship Between the Demonic, the Kairos, and Religious Socialism in Paul Tillich’s Theology”
  • Desmond M. Tutu and James H. Cone: Theological Standpoints on Racial Injustice”
  • From a Wealth of Gospel to a Gospel of Wealth: Poverty to Prosperity”
  • How Does Religion Affect the Social Order? A Study of the Impact of Liberation Theology on the Catholic Church in El Salvador”
  • Secular Messages in Religious Settings: A Theological Critique of Rod Parsley’s Political Agenda”
  • Building a Relationship with the Earth”
  • Hijacking the Holy: Reclaiming the Female Voice in Christianity”
  • Claiming a Space of Empowerment”
  • Beyond Pacifism: A Theological Debate Between Reinhold Niebuhr, Karl Barth, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer”
  • The Many Faces of Hagar”
  • Walter Brueggemann and the Prophetic Tradition: The Prophet on the College Campus”
  • Cultivating Contemporary Spiritual Awareness and the Theology of Paul Tillich”
  • Spousal Abuse in the Church? Religious Ideologies, Biblical Interpretations, and Their Implications for Marriage”
Professional Service (includes Denison Service): 
  • Director of Freshman Studies
  • Chair, Department of Religion
  • Advisory Committee on Presidential Selection
  • President's Advisory Board
  • Chair of Faculty (three times)
  • General Education Revision Committee
  • Committee on Sexual Harassment
  • North Central Review Committee
  • Committee on Re-establishing the Honors Program
  • Latin American Studies Committee
  • Classics Committee
  • Committee on the Status of Women
  • Chair, Dunbar Humanities Scholarship
  • Chair, Goodspeed Lecture Series
  • Women’s Studies Committee
  • Faculty Appeals Committee
  • Queer Studies Committee
  • C-Smart Committee
  • Faculty Advisor for Lambda Chi Alpha
Community Service: 
  • Board of Directors, Union Theological Seminary, New York City
  • President, Hospice Services of Licking County
  • President, Planned Parenthood of East Central Ohio
  • Advisory Committee, Battered Women's Shelter
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • President, Partners United (Youth at Risk)
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Kristen Wright Wright, Kristen Wright

Suzuki Instructor
Faculty  |  Music
Burton Hall

Kristen Wright, group class prep teacher, earned her Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Miami University of Ohio.  For the past twelve years, she has been an elementary music specialist in the Westerville City School District.  She has completed training in early childhood music education as well as workshops in the Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly methods of music education.

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